Dairy Queen and What Could Have Been

Dairy Queen.

We’ve all been there. We all remember pulling off the to the side of the road on a family road trip and getting some food to hold us over while we continue the journey. We remember the ice cream. The Blizzards. We remember when we were young enough, our palates could still tolerate mediocre chicken strips and steak fingers. But, then Dairy Queen started finding it’s way into the urban environments, people weren’t so sure it had the same appeal as it once did. When nostalgia stopped working, we took a stab at revamping their look in an oversaturated market of chicken strips and burgers.

While this work only saw a sliver of the light of day for a few months, I am proud of where it could have gone had our client shared our more progressive vision for the brand.

New Illustration Werk


SOF 18x24 Lead, Charcoal, Mixed Media







A fun opportunity came to me early this year for an off-broadway play called STIFF. A very funny piece of pulp humor. Check out the synopsis below.

Set during the Broadway boom of the 1950’s, producers, writers and directors all have big dreams and theatre critics/columnists have the power to make those dreams come true. None was more powerful than Mickey Blake. When Blake is found dead in the Tin Box Theater after a performance of the off-off Broadway production of The Blighted Heart, a trio of hapless but determined theater folk refuse to let their dream be deterred.

Producer Saul Solomon, Writer Robert Grey and Director Stanley Miller hatch a plan to fake the review of their show and hide Blake’s death just long enough to let it hit the stands. Just when they think they have it all under control, the overly enthusiastic producer, self-deprecating writer and middleman director are hit with a surprise that sends their ruse into overdrive as mayhem then ensues.

Beware ROBOTS!

I was able to get my hands on some old postcard illustrations I could have sworn I lost. Circa 2009. 

April Foos


Every year, Firehouse holds a Foosball tournament to benefit a local charity. This years campaign, we took a more light hearted approach than previous years, highlighting some of the games top performers in their very own player trading cards.

First, second and third place winners also got to take home some custom hardware.



Design, photography and illustration by Jason Heatherly

Curieux Magazine

More work with Alex over at Curieuxmagazine.com

"Dallas based photographer Jason Heatherly captures his model Alex in a very different way full of neon and glow. When this piece landed in our mailbox we instantly knew this is an extraordinary piece full of emotion and we wanted to share it with everyone. Jason and Alex are both graphic designers and we suppose that this creation is one of their getaways from the ordinary…hope you enjoy it."


Dallas Farmers Market

A few posters designed for the Dallas Farmers Market to encourage visitors to join the support group, the Dallas Farmers Market Friends.

we are 1976

Had a fun opportunity over the last few months to work on a spot for a local Dallas shop called we are 1976.

Check it out.


Production Company - Equilateral Films
Director - Roger Peters
Producer - Jessica Cramer
Creative Director, Writer - Nikki Lott
Creative Director, Art Director - Jason Heatherly
Director of Photography - Noe Medrano Jr.
Casting Directors: Tisha Blood & Matthew Taylor, Buffalo Casting
Production Designer - Caleb Packer
1st Assistant Camera / G&E - Edwin Mendoza
2nd Assistant Camera / G&E - Andrew Plock
Hair & Makeup Stylist - Buddy Head
Sound Mixer - Alexis Fleisig