Bud Light

Here's to your Buds.

As Bud Light rolled out it's Friendship campaign positioning itself as the only light, sessionable beer to share amongst friends, they simultaneously put a target on their back. With Miller Lite and other brands in the category taking shots at the campaign, it became clear that it was up to the creative to provide the tension, where the strategy was not. So, while David through stones at Goliath, we suggested Goliath take the high road, and own his friendship campaign in a way only he can. When you're number one in the category, you never want to recognize number 2. But, who says you can't be friends with them?

Creative Direction  |  Jason Heatherly, Jonathan Ogle      Art Direction  |  Caleb Alba, Ky Lewis     Copywriting  |  Greg Overhuls, Tim McCarthy Director | Tim McCarthy