Photograph by Adam Bryant

Photograph by Adam Bryant

Estrella Jalisco 

Estrella Jalisco is a new Mexican import as authentic as they come. Though the brand is just making its appearence in the states, Estralla originated from Jalisco, Mexico over 100 years ago. It's authentic history resonates with first and second generation hispanics living in the U.S. 

The creative challenge was to create awareness in the marketplace among 2nd and 3rd generation hispanics, without alienating it's traditional target market. We set out to create content that young Mexican-Americans could not only relate to, but aspire to, as well.

With that in mind, we built two audience profiles of our targets and crafted messaging and content for each of their generational sensibilities.


Our content plan began featuring artist Patrick Martinez. Alongside other influencers, artists, and occasion driven initiatives, each piece of content built Estrella Jalisco's digital channels and grew their following by 53%, as well as over indexed in engagement against similar brands.

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Creative Direction  |  Jason Heatherly         Director  |  Andrew Morris & Andrew Reid       Production   |  Born Ready

Creative Direction  |  Jason Heatherly         Photography  |  Logan James, Jason Heatherly        Production   |   Born Ready 


Our evergreen content revolved around two words. Immersion & saturate. While most of Mexico's cultural staples were born in Jalisco, we wanted our culturally relavent content to immerse and saturate consumers with the colors, traditions & customs that make Estrella Jalisco, and Mexico, so unique. 

Creative Direction  |  Jason Heatherly         Photography  |  Adam Stewart, Tommy Escobar