S.P.O.T. Global messaging system

“If you need something like that, you probably shouldn’t be out there.”

That was the sentiment of most outdoorsmen when first introduced to the SPOT Satellite Messenger. However, these same rugged men were often on the verge of tears as they described close calls and brushes with tragedy that may have been averted if they had a device like SPOT. 

Along with developing the strategy, the tagline, packaging, website, advertising, trade show and point-of-sale materials, we also got the product into the hands of influential writers, bloggers and reviewers. By the time SPOT was introduced, we had generated more than 330 media placements and over 97 million impressions with an estimated value of more than $3,500,000, and a media relations return on investment of $42 for every $1 invested.

SPOT produced over $12 million in revenue and sales in the top 5% of consumer electronics products introduced in 2007, dozens of technology and advertising awards, and most importantly, over 450 rescues in more than 50 countries and at sea in the first two years following its introduction. And more than 5000 to date.

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Creative Direction | Jim Sykora, Ray Sturdivant, Chris Bettin Art Direction & Design | Jason Heatherly Copywriting | Chris Bettin, Jim Sykora