Twin Peaks • The Lodge Mantality

Every Lumberjack, Jill and Jerry who walks through Twin Peak's doors is looking for a unique experience. What Twin Peaks gives them is a unique lodge experience. It’s a place where live sports are always on, and where fans stay through the fourth quarter…of the third game. One where gorgeous Twin Peaks Girls welcome you with 29° beer, bacon, wings and burgers. At Twin Peaks, the lumberjack doesn’t just represent a logging profession, he's a Man-tality. 

Welcome to our lodge, Meet Jack Timber

Described by some as a woodsman or logger, this lumberjack is respected by all and intimidated only by lockout seasons…and bears. He sports a flannel and knit cap not by choice but by association, and sometimes what the weather dictates.

Jack Timber cares only for the pursuit of victory. He wears his custom jersey with pride. He cheers until his voice is hoarse. He fears no beard other than his own. Those lucky socks are not the only pair he owns but it’s the only pair worth wearing. So, who is Jack Timber? Jack Timber is a fan.


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